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Why Use KPOW? Because We Work!:

KPOW delivers a foreground advertising environment where your commercial will be heard and acted upon.

Why Use KPOW Reason 2:

KPOW delivers a passionate, engaged, attentive audience that loves to support our advertisers.

Why Use KPOW Reason 3:

KPOW deliver a qualified audience, ages 35-65 that can afford your product/service.

Why Use KPOW Reason 4:

KPOW delivers a customized marketing and advertising program built for your business.

Why Use KPOW Reason 5:

The Most Attentive Audience Advertising Principal: Longer Time Spent Listening (TSL)=More Efficient Results

Why Use KPOW Reason 6:

KPOW personalities have been building a loyal audience for the past 75 years. The listeners TRUST us and are receptive to our advertisers.

Why Use KPOW Reason 7:

KPOW engages it’s audiences that ensures your message is heard and responded upon.

Who's Behind

April Rodriguez

General Manager, Owner

Scott Mangold

Program Director, Music Director, Sports Director, Engineer, Owner

Russ Graham

President, Morning Show Announcer

KPOW 1260

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